How to fix the PS4 content package is no longer available

Have you experienced the “content package is no longer available” error on the PS4? Some online sites state to delete the entire game, this works but requires a long wait time because the game is nearly 93 gb.

A quick fix is to make the game fix the game files by making it think the files are corrupt. To do this, you need to load the game, wait for the first black screen that appears, which is just before Activision splash screen. When the first black screen appears, you need to yank out the power cable from the PS4 or from the wall. After you’ve done yanking out the cable, you need to put the cable or plug back and start the PS4.

When the PS4 is started, it’ll go through its system check on the hardrive. Once the check is complete you can then load the game. When loading, the game will start to fix its files which it thinks are corrupt. When complete, you’ll need to restart the game. Once restarted, the game should work normally, hope this fix works for you.

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