How to unclog and clean your central vacuum pipe

Recently, I had been trying to clean out my central vacuum system as one of the inlets was not producing enough suction. I tried using a fishing tape, using a shop vacuum but none of these methods worked.

The shop vacuum method requires that you lossen the blocked item using a reverse and forward suction by rotating between the shop vacuum and the central air vacuum. This allows the blocked item to move back and forth until the item dislodges itself out. I tried this method but it did not work for me. See below for this method.

I then tried a fishing tape, basically to push the item towards the central vacuum system. This method did not work for me either.

Finally, I found a video that suggested to use an auger or a pipe snake. It’s similar to a fishing tape however the auger has a pointy end which starts to capture or snag the item onto it as you rotate on the auger handle. On my first attempt I was able to pull out a large amount of gathered hair. My second try pulled out even more. After my third and final attempt, the blockage was completely out. The inlet now has excellent suction and is back to functioning as it did before.

Give the auger method a try, there’s no need to call someone for a clogged central vacuum pipe. The video below helped me unclog my central vacuum system, I hope you are able to unclog yours, good luck.

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